Heir without hope
movie poster


This project required the creation of a sci-fi fantasy movie poster for Heir Without Hope. The poster is to be made using the photo-bashing technique to create a unique and visually interesting poster that does not have a person as the focal point.


My process almost always begins with initial sketches. Because i had no idea what i wanted the final product to look like, i kept my sketches loose and without borders. This helped the creativity flow easier. I came up with the idea of an underwater-scape using mermaid tails to depict sharp rocks, coral reef, a castle and supporting elements like bubbles and fish.

I created the wordmark in illustrator but it looked a little bland in the poster so i added some flare using photoshop effects and adjustment layers. The most challenging part of this project was trying to create a visually interesting layout without losing any of the details to murkiness of the layout.

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